Load Reducer

This smart little unit will reduce the wattage of an existing immersion by 50% to make it suitable for solar PV hot water applications. It will convert an existing 3 kW immersion heater to a 1.5 kW or a 2 kW immersion heater to a 1 kW.

2015-10-17 14_14_43-Immersion Heater Power Reducer _ Reduce 3kW immersion to 1.5 kW or 2kW immersion

  • UK design & manufacture
  • CE & RoHS compliant
  • Reduce immersion wattage by 50%
  • Designed for solar PV hot water systems
  • Improve efficiency of Solar PV Hot Water systems
  • Save on Plumbing Cost
  • Easy to Install
  • 1 year replacement guaranty

Although the power reducer could be used on any resistive load, it was designed specifically for solar PV hotwater systems. Solar PV hot water switches like solar immersion switch (http://solarimmersionheaterswitch.co.uk) divert the free surplus power generated from the solar pv to an immersion heater to heat the water. But these systems to work efficiently, the immersion heater have to be replaced with a lower wattage one – mostly a 1.5 kW heater. Changing the immersion is costly and troublesome process, as the cylinder has to be drained, the existing immersion has to heated up, and finally use a box spanner and hammer to open it! In some cases, this could even lead to damaging the copper tank, as the soft copper may rip due to the pressure required to turn the nut of the existing immersion. Replacing the tank and reconnecting the plumbing will add a huge bill, making the whole process not cost effective for the customer.

The power reducing unit will help to avoid all these hassle together with the plumbers bill to replace an immersion or to change the whole hot water tank itself. The compact little units goes inline with your existing immersion wirings and only takes a few minutes to install.


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